Dabar informatika is a top quality IT service provider with over twenty five years of experience in development and deployment of banking platforms.


Our products have highest quality standards


  • Comprehensive platform

  • Fit for purpose technology

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Support system development

  • Several operating systems

  • Standardized business processes

  • Ease of implementation

  • Progressive transformation

Dabar informatika offers commprehensive model of transformation, implementation and education of users in order to make the core banking system less complex, understandable an more efficient. 



  • The ISO 9001:2008

    Assigned to companies that increase customer satisfaction

  • The Croatian Creation

    The Croatian Creation certificate is granted to the top-quality products

  • The ISO 27001:2013

    Focused on protecting the confidentiality of data in the company

  • Atlassian experts

    Dabar informatika uses Jira and Confluence in its daily operations.