Since 2007, Dabar informatika extensively uses Jira and Confluence in its daily operations.

Atlassian Jira is system developed for managing projects and issues. It allows clear and simple operation and control of projects and tasks, quick access to all the important aspects of the project. Jira has a well-developed reporting system that includes the status of the project, individual subjects, the time spent on the project and other custom project details.

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Atlassian Confluence is a wiki system that allows better collaboration on projects in real time in one location. It allows you to centralize information, write specifications and manuals. Confluence can be used everywhere where teamwork is essential especially in writing documents, document sharing and in the preparation of the knowledge tree.

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We can help you use the products to their full potential. Dabar informatika can consult you on issues from the beginning of your Atlassian experience. We will help you recognize the specific needs for the products, demonstrate the product, plan the implementation or migration and help you adapt the product to your company.



Dabar informatika developed tools and experience to make the installation and migration process a simple one. We can help you create an overall hardware and software upgrade strategy or offer you support during the installation on your hardware.


Education and training

Dabar informatika strives to lead customers to new skills and knowledge. We help you to identify your correct scheme and permission structure, prevent future admin issues and system failures, develop project and management dashboards.